First Look at Algorithmic Crypto Trading App AESIR

A team of 7 developers including myself have been working on creating a new algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform for well over a year now.

We named it AESIR [ ey-sir, ey-zir ].

The idea behind AESIR is to give users the opportunity to automate their trading strategy, whatever that may be, as well as to assist in finding an optimal strategy by offering a powerful and intuitive platform.

Here are some of the unique features that set AESIR apart from all other algorithmic trading platforms our there.

Real time event logging

Once a crypto trading configuration is live, AESIR will give you real-time granular insights into what your trading bot is doing that very second. Much of what makes or breaks an automated trading strategy is what happens in the background, and the moments leading up to when the trade is placed.

With AESIR, you will be able to track in real time each of your configurations movements, from the moment you start your trading bot.

Social Algo Trading Support

On AESIR, you will be able to see other public profiles, or set your own profile to be public. By doing so, all of the algorithmic trading strategies that you have created will also be public and everyone will be able to see and clone them.

Users can see the most profitable configurations that other users have made, and easily clone and implement these on their account. We believe that information wants to be free, so we’ve built our platform with this in mind.

Create trading algorithms by combining multiple indicators

AESIR allows you to combine signals together in un-precedented ways. What if your trading strategy depends on coin volatility and you want to buy any coin that climbs at least %3 in the last 5 minutes? Well you can easily do that and a lot more using out strategy builder.

We’re launching in closed Beta

Once AESIR has passed internal testing, we will release in Closed Beta mode. In order to ensure that we catch and fix all the issues that may arise during this testing period, we will be staggering the Closed Beta onboarding.

We will pick between 5–10 individuals to be onboarded at one time, and once the platform has proven to be stable with the additional load, we will then pick the next wave to onboard onto the platform. That way each wave will be able to potentially identify new issues and bring AESIR closer to a stable release.

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