The story of AESIR and Why I stopped making YouTube Videos

4 min readMay 21, 2023

It all started back in March 2021 when I created a cryptocurrency trading bot designed to detect and buy Volatile Coins on Binance. I called it the Binance Volatility Bot. The BVT bot worked by allowing to create a logic similar to the following:


This was just the start what turned out to be 2 years of work. I recently made a video explaining the whole situation if you’d rather listen to me speak (and not the AI reader). No disrespect to my AI overlords.

The unique selling point of this tool was its capacity to scan all the assets on Binance at once and to identify the most volatile ones.

As the Binance Volatility Bot gained more and more momentum, a vibrant community grew around it. People were testing it, sharing it on social media and some even started making Pull Requests on GitHub. I started talking to some of the people that were making contributions on GitHub and soon became discord buddies. We ran the BVT discord for a while and we realised the people are running into a common issue trying to use this tool: it required a fair degree of technical expertise, including knowledge of Python, dependencies installation, and yaml file configuration. This issue was the genesis of what would become AESIR — an initiative to create a user-friendly interface that anyone could navigate with ease for the Binance Volatility Bot.

The task was far more challenging than we initially anticipated. Instead of merely designing a UI for an existing tool, we found ourselves expanding its functionalities and morphing the project into a fully-featured, standalone algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform.

AESIR’s development presented a multitude of complexities. We kept the core feature of the Binance volatility bot intact while adding several innovative modules such as a TradingView module, a Technical Analysis module, and a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) module. We designed a system where these elements could interlock, enabling a high degree of customization for trading strategies.

We made sure to leverage TradingView’s Computed Indicators and also introduced one of our most ambitious features — the Social Hub. This platform encourages a communal learning environment where users can view, share, and learn from each other’s configuration settings.

The evolution of AESIR compelled us to rethink our infrastructure approach. This was no longer a simple Python script designed for local execution. It had evolved into a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that demanded scalable and efficient management.

Our tech stack kept changing because our requirements were all over the place in the beginning. But we eventually found a balance and embraced it. As any startup out there, you might only image the scrappy, agile, pivoting nature of it. New DB paradigm? Yeah sure. New system for user identifiers, chuck it in. For a while it seemed that the work would never end and that we’ll never make it to release.

But then we announced our Closed Beta. We invited a small selection of people to come and try out the app for a while. We then worked on fixing all of the bugs that they inevitably found. Then came time for a secon Beta. This time it was an open beta and everyone who previously signed up was given access to the platform. In Open Beta, we limited access to certain parts of the application, ensuring that people can only test it in Paper Trading. We then allowed people to Live trade in Open Beta. We took our time with the release process and it was for the best as it allowed us to make to the release with a stable and robust application!

Working on AESIR has been a great journey and learning experience for me and the release only marks the first step in our mission to revolutionize the algorithmic cryptocurrency trading market.

In the past, only monolithic institutions actually had access to algorithmic trading tools and solutions such as AESIR, but in crypto, it’s possible for regular users to compete on a more levelled playing field. AESIR is a promise that technology is here to set us free and to help bridge the gap.

Ultimately that’s the reason behind me taking a break from making youtube videos. I was just so immersed in the process of building this tool and I’m incredibly excited for the journey that lies ahead.

If you liked this article don’t forget to try AESIR yourself at: and join me on discord. Peace.




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