What Happened to Decentralised Adult Content Sharing Platforms?

6 min readSep 2, 2022
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There was a time where, a significant amount of people were incredibly bullish on the Web3 Adult Industry, and many would deem it as the necessary next step in Adult Entertainment.

During the previous 2021 bull run, we have seen an influx of Cryptocurrency projects targeting and promising to revolutionise the adult industry. However the hype surrounding seems to have disappeared back into deep crevices of the Internet.

So what happened to the decentralised adult industry promise?

The Promise

The reason why Web3 and adult entertainment seemed to be a perfect match couldn’t be simpler — decentralisation of adult content and its distribution promiser a fairer environment for content creators, without having to subject their adult content to the strict ToS policy and whims of a centralised platform. Throwback to the time where OnlyFans nearly banned all adult content, only to backtrack the next day due to massive outrage from its user base. The idea of a decentralised platform where Adult Content can be created, shared and enjoyed in a fair and private manner was (and is) therefore a strong value proposition that any adult content creator would be onboard with — if it means freedom to create content under the promise that no central authority can shut them down.

This extends well beyond the Adult Entertainment Industry. Ideas surrounding privacy, freedom to create and express oneself, peace of mind, and most importantly, the promise of immutable content once created, that cannot simply be deleted by a central authority just because, is a much deeper issue that reaches deep into the very fabric of much of our current web.

The Current Situation

So if Web3 and therefore decentralisation promises a better, fairer Adult Content sharing platform, what has happened with some of the most hyped projects from 2021? Let’s take a look at where these projects are right now.

CumRocket Crypto




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